The idiscoveri camp at TrithanValley was considered the best camp so far(may be because of the sentimental towards our 'last camp'… Awww…).The long and tiring journey by train and road was 16 hourslong! By the end of it we all reached camp tired and kind of irritiated but the luxurious camp made up of for it. From the hot water baths to lights in the tents… this camp had it all. There was amazing food including Rainbow Trout and Chicken ( but what was up with the love for paneer?!!)

Around the bonfire Virinda and Niyamat were in their element playing 'spoons' or 'aloo gobhi' ( at the lost of people having to eat with their hands.) There was entertainment provided by our very own magician ---GAURAV--- our camp instructor. The camp was infested with spiders - the record being 9 inches. Karan with his fear of spider had a 'life threatning' into his bathroom while he was bathing. All we heard outside was 'Aatish', I'll kill you get that spider away! (Profanities excluded) Then there was Nyamat. She was falling on her face everywhere she went….on the rocks, in the river or just on plain ground. The 'photosession' continued endlessly where ever you went people were all 'smiley and posing. But I guess that was one of the ways we'll remember this camp.
Between all this we also did Terra Terra ,line crossing where we built our own rope bridge. The excitement of building the bridge overshadowed the fun of actually crossing it. The trek to the waterfall was long and steep but it was worth getting there. The waterfall was amazing. Everybody jumped straight into the freezing water. Natural River Crossing was the moist exciting activity. We were harnessed to a rope and walked through an extremely fast current. Our night out : Some of us spent 2 hours while the lazy ones trekked only 45 minutes to reach our camping spot, where we would spend the night. We pitched our tents cooked our food and spent the evening listening to ghost stories. This was the total roughing it out camp- no 'loos' no running water, no electricity. From the river flowing next to our camp to Puja's hair getting stuck in the train's fan everything in this camp was very exciting and lots of fun.

Mallika and Avantika

Trip to Tirthan Valley - Class 12