Being our last camp, there was already a trace of disappointment, nostalgia and standard expectations set for this camp… so in a way this camp had a lot to live
up to. The days of continuous rain and finally snow,did not help!
The good thing about the camp was that we got to be together even though it
was mainly around the bonfire. We started with the trek to the waterfall, the
same day we arrived at the campsite fllowed by a First Aid Rescue Trek at night.
While I was sleeping in my tent I was woken up to be informed about a woman dying due to a fall from the cliff during the rescue…I was ZAPPED for about a minute or two, only to realize it was just a hoax!
The next day, we started with a long trek, but while coming back the bridge
which we needed to cross to get back to our camp had submerged and so we improvised an emrgency river crossing through a current which was over-
powering and the water that was freezing! After we reached
our camp the first thing we did was run to the fire.
The following day we set out towards the Jalori pass in our sumo's with the intention of camping there for two days but as
it started snowing and we weren't prepared for it, even though everyone was completely overawed as for many it was the first time they had seen snow, we had to return to base camp. The atmosphere in the train, on our departure from camp was
mixed with sadness
and nostalgia for the time to move on had finally come.

Pallavi Tomar and Mihika Acharya

Trip to Tirthan Valley - Class 12