Being our last camp with school, there seemed to be a sense of anticipation for the events waiting ahead and also some sort of intrinsic acceptance regarding our circumstances. Personally, I had not reconciled to the fact that this was in fact my last camp with school. However, I was determined not to let that get in the way of any and all enjoyment headed my way
It was going to be my first time rafting and so there was a lot on enthusiasm on my front regarding the adventures ahead. The first night, I was too exhausted by the time we reached the campsite and just plunked myself down (in any odd position) and went off to sleep.
The next morning, thankfully, I was up before the jarring banging of plates outside every tent. It was to be our first day of rafting and there was an underlying environment of excitement and some unspoken energy. I was part of a raft made up of eclectic individuals.

On the first day, Mrs. Talwar was on our raft. Chaitanya Murti’s socks were off soon enough and periodically, they scratched up against everyone’s calves. I have to say that this was the lowest point of camp for me. I think it is essential to mention here that that same pair of socks remained in our raft day and night throughout camp.
I enjoyed the rapids thoroughly. “Making Money” and “The Three Blind Mice” were especially enjoyable. I particularly remember a rapid where I was clung onto to prevent me from falling into the water. The guide of our raft (Setu) was a chap who took things easy and loved to lounge around at the back of the raft and take in the scenery. Body surfing was an incredible experience. I took a special liking to cliff jumping which I ended up doing thrice. Luckily for me, I didn’t land on any “tender parts”.
A little mention about the teacher’s raft… Not only did they involve themselves in water fights everyday, but they also succeeded in getting practically every other raft and its members wet. Mr. Pankaj Seth and Mr. Sandhu were particularly dexterous in this field and took all efforts to get the required job done…and done well.
All in all, camp was an incredible experience as usual. For me, it was my first time rafting and for all of us. It was our last school camp. Bitter-sweet, like everything else.

Aditi Malik XII-A

Trip to Alaknanda - Class 12