Forward together! Faster faster!!! These are a few of the words that our class can never forget. For four continuous days, the students of class 12 heard the words “forward”, “faster” and “stop”. Rafting all the way from Alaknanda to Rishikesh, there are a few memorable moments like people falling off rafts, the oily food, the two birthdays, the kiddish behaviour of the teachers and the unforgettable rescue of the puppy named “Pebbles”.

From the minute we got on, to the minute we got off the train, our last and most exciting camp will be kept with us for a long time. This experience was truly an expedition as we all had to pitch our own tents, be responsible for our own cutlery, work together and live together.

Unlike any other camp that we have ever been to, this camp was different, fun as well a great learning experience for us all. Living out of a plastic bag for two continuous days, we were taught how to travel light.

Being our last camp, we ensured that we had the time of our lives and made up for all the unpleasant moments with a dozen more unforgettable ones.

Arshia Arora and Preeta Ganguli

Rafting Expedition, Alaknanda River - Class 12