Chamba 2007

As we unloaded the buses off ourselves and our baggage we had waves of mixed reactions. ‘This campsite sucks yaar ' or ‘here begins our last camp' or even more like ‘THIS is our last camp site?' ‘Yes' ‘hah! Joke!' No sooner than all the comments were uttered ‘His Highness' Mr. Rocky Singh, happened to begin instructions in a style that immediately deviated thoughts from the camp site. The criticism continued for a while until people were satisfied with all the stuff they could possibly say about the camp. Though most class12 students felt the activities weren't ‘challenging' enough (Even the escapades were easier, man!) I think just the fact that we were together and all the valuable time spent doing funny and foolish things made the experience amazing. Besides doing Flying Foxes, River Crossing, Burma Bridge and Rappelling we did THE trek. THE trek was perhaps the highlight of all activities. It happened to be a wonderful 6 kilometer trek that led us to about 50 meters above our campsite. We cribbed, but more for the fun of it, in reality expressions said everything, everyone loved every moment of it. With a breathtaking view of snowcap mountains and lush green fields our last camp may not have been all we ever wanted out of a camp, but was memorable in a different way. As we unloaded four days later at Delhi , things changed a bit, there was only 1 reaction ‘I miss camp already yaar '

Shaman Marya Class 12.

Camp at Chamba Uttarkashi - Class 12