Adventure Camps 2009


Sun, sand and water (not to mention no showering), that’s all class fives did in Camp Byasi. We river rafted on four mind boggling, fun rapids which splashed on us while we sat on the rafts, eager to get wet. We did a tiring trek up and down a hill. We started from a vast suspension bridge, going over the Ganga. While we were walking down the narrow paths of the mountains we could see the water which was gushing along beautifully. We saw ratti (a seed used for weighing gold) and Sindoori which is also a seed. The powder from the seed is used  as Sindoor. After the treks and the rafting, we were treated to a swim in the Ganga which was flowing next to our camp site. The food here was great, and for once, everyone ate. I loved this camp and I wish I could relive these 4 days again and again. Kaamya Sharma V- A

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