Adventure Camps 2009


On the cold winter morning of 28/2/09 Saturday, I woke up with a thousand butterflies in my stomach excited for camp.fter the usual roll call we boarded the bus and waved away from our parents. After a 9hr journey we finally reached ship. The first day we were introduced to various people,told the strict rules and regulations and relaxed.All the days were very tight packed and we hardly got time to think except at night when we all went exhausted to bed.In groups we went for rafting rope activities like Burma bridge' and 'the flying fox' we did body surfing and cliff jumping in which we jumped of a cliff into the water. we visited a school in the hills went on treks not to mention the slipping sliding and falling in the sand, rocks and cliffs. After all this walking carrying luggage etc has made us extremely strong and I'm sure of one thing  if now you ask any sixth grader of this school how was camp no one will disagree that it was great fun.but in the end i can say we are scratched ,bruised,dirty but happy and back.

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