Adventure Camps 2009


We set off for the Sarai Rohilla Railway station late Friday night. We were all very excited since this was our first journey by train. Even though the conditions (hygiene) were not the greatest (as anticipated), travelling by a third class train really toughened us up and showed us what life in the real world is like.
When we reached Kathgodam station we were all completely frozen as it was extremely cold. Camp Bagicha was very beautiful. We could see the great snow capped Himalayas and the landscape was breathtaking. After getting some rest and a scrumptious lunch, our activities began. We learnt how to make various rope knots and enjoyed activities like “Cat Walk” and “river crossing’. We also got the chance to watch a movie, “Into Thin Air” at night.
The temperature at night was about 2°C and six layers of clothing were imperative.
An early start to Sunday morning left everyone in a glum, angry mood. The following activities however sparked some life into us. Many of us had caught a chill and were down with fever but this wouldn’t dampen our spirits. WE ate well and set off for a trek. After a lot of complaining and exaggerating our illnesses, we reached the summit of the hill. We stared in awe at the world from 8000feet in the sky. The view from there was one in a million. We were very lucky to witness such a sight.
The night trek was quite a unique experience as well. The instructors’ trade mark line “we won’t be able to save you, you’ll just roll down the hill like a football” made it even more challenging and exciting. We made our way down to the village the next day and learnt a lot from some very friendly villagers. With heavy hearts we left Camp Bagicha hoping to return soon.
Ishan Sardesai 9B


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