Adventure Camps 2010



The Class 12 Alaknanda camping trip is one that is an event which one awaits for ever so many years. Tales of the horror of ‘The Wall’(a rapid) and the utter freedom (when not rafting) passed down by the seniors, thrill many. And our batch is only going to build on this rather than negate this fact. For this camp was actually  all that it was tempered up to be. While ‘the wall’ was a letdown ‘golf course’ and ‘three blind mice’ were spectacular! Ghost stories around the bon- fire kindled with reminiscence from camps past. The feeling of nostalgia, bonhomie and deep affectionate bonds permeated everywhere. However, the sheer fun of rafting served to ensure that we were overwhelmed by the experience apart from the thrillingwaves .A befitting camp to say goodbye to school life, one that I’m sure none of us will ever forget.

Ayesha Mallik and Sanjoli Sakuja

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