Adventure Camps 2010

CLASS 3 Camp Botanix

We went to Botanix by bus on Wednesday morning. When we entered Botanix we ate delicious food. Then we went to our tents. The tents were very beautiful. After seeing our tents we went for a nature walk and played many games. After the games we had to prepare a dance or a play. My tent prepared a dance for the bonfire and our tent did the best dance. We even had to name our tent. My tent’s name was 'Superstars'. The next day we went for hiking early in the morning and to the adventure zone at night. We also saw ‘Ice Age-2’ the same night. The last day we did yoga and then had fun dancing under the sprinklers. We were happy to be back home and meeting our parents after our first ever adventure trip.

Idekaa Dang III- B


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