Adventure Camps 2010

CLASS 4 Trip to Camp Kalsi

Our trip to Camp Kalsi


On our trip to Camp Kalsi we had lots of fun

As we had activities all day in the sun


Our activities were rappeling,flying fox,tent pitching and a lot more

When it got itchy in our tent

Then Odomos was the cure


As we did rappeling we had to climb walls

There was security as we were tied to ropes

So if we were to slip we wouldn't fall


Then we went to the River Yamuna to do some river crossing

Some naughty children there did some stone tossing


Then we had to say goodbye as our parents

Were waiting for us in New Delhi, far away


Zoraver Mehta  4


Camp Kalsi was a lot of fun. First, I have to admit I was nervous. I cried at four in the morning as I did not want to go. The bus and the train ride was a lot of fun though I was sleeping almost all through the train ride. We took two hours to reach our camp site once we got down at Saharanpur.

We would all get up really early and after a bit of tuck and hot chocolate or milk with cornflakes we would play around for an hour or so. Around nine the activities would start. We were divided into four groups and we took part in Flag making, pitching the tent and tug of war among other things. We did Rappelling, Spider web, Rock Climbing and River crossing . We got nicely soaked in the cold water of the Yamuna but dried up soon after as the day was warm. The picnic lunch was fun but the walk back was not.

 The Journey back was very long and we reached around 8p.m.,tired but happy to meet our parents. I look forward to next year’s camp.

Rhea Grewal

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