Adventure Camps 2010

CLASS 6-Shivpuri Beach Camp

Half awake, I dragged myself to the bathroom to get ready. I was going for my adventure camp to Shivpuri. On the 3rd of March, I reached school at 5:00 am. By the time we boarded the buses, it was already 6:30 am. On the way we had loads of fun in the bus. Halfway through our journey, we stopped at a place called Moolchand, where we were given breakfast. After 30 minutes, we boarded the buses and set off once again, but this time we weren’t going to stop. At 3:00 pm, our bus stopped abruptly at a small village. At first, I thought it was our camp. Later I came to know that our buses could not go any further than this. We had to cross the river to reach our camp. We disembarked the buses and sat in a raft that took us to our camp. We were briefed on our camp and then our tents were allotted to us. Before we knew it, it had already become dark and so we lit a bonfire to keep us warm.  We had dinner and slept, looking forward to tomorrow.

Next morning, we were off to an early start. We had to go for a nature walk at seven in the morning.  I quickly got dressed and went to join my friends. It was a very short nature walk. We saw different kinds of trees and insects. We came back in time for breakfast. After breakfast we were divided into two groups. The first group went rafting first. The second group went rafting in the evening. Being in the second group, I did escapades first. I did Burma Bridge, flying fox, rappelling and river crossing. After these activities, we went kayaking. Kayaking was a lot of fun. It was a new experience for me and I really liked it. After kayaking we had lunch and went for rafting. We boarded our rafts and started paddling. My raft was the last raft due to the lack of paddling. Though we were last, we were very determined as the boys in front of us were making fun of us. The very first rapid called Good Afternoon drenched us and sent us shivering to death. All of a sudden, it started raining. This explained the loud rumble of thunder that we had heard while boarding the rafts. We had just started rafting and were looking forward to ending it as soon as possible. The wind was pulling us back and we had to use all our strength to cut through the wind. We finally finished rafting and went back to camp. It was dark soon enough and we lit a bonfire and had dinner. We went to sleep, looking forward to tomorrow’s rafting being better than today’s.

Next morning, we went for the nature walk again. Feeling unwell, my tent mates me and a few other people stayed back. When they came back, we had our breakfast. Today we had to trek to a school in the village. With great enthusiasm we packed our rucksacks and started our trek. We had to cross the river AGAIN! We trekked 4 kilometers and we finally reached the school. We were surprised to see that the children were very confident and interactive and I enjoyed talking to them thoroughly. We trekked back, but this time, through a different route. We reached our buses and boarded them, which hen took us to the place we would be starting our rafting from. I enjoyed rafting today much more than yesterday. We got drenched in a very big rapid called ‘ The Three Blind Mice’. Once we finished rafting, we went to some place where we changed and had our lunch. After eating, we did escapades again. We did rock climbing and rappelling and we also played a game. We then boarded or buses and headed towards camp. Once we reached our camp, we packed our luggage.  The bonfire was lit for one last time and the dinner was laid. After eating dinner, we went to sleep, looking forward to seeing Delhi again.

In the morning, we woke up early and had breakfast. We thanked all the camp staff and sent our luggage in one raft and went ourselves in the other.  During our return journey, we played many games and had a lot of fun. We reached school at 6:00 pm. I really enjoyed this camp and look forward to many more.

Sarina Mittal VI C

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