Adventure Camps 2010

CLASS 8 - Dudhwa National Park


Class 8 was packed into two buses, and we were off! We were going to a national park, known for its picturesque surroundings, diverse wildlife and the endless journey. After watching movies in our Volvo buses, we reached Dudhwa after 11 long hours!

The only things we did on the first day were to settle into our tents, and get briefed on the rules. The second day, we went on a treasure hunt, and shared the hoard of chocolates. Another major activity at camp was the safari. Dudhwa national park is home to various animals such as the Gharial, various types of tortoises and turtles, jackals, hyenas and the two most famous being the Indian one horned rhinoceros and the Royal Bengal tiger. The park also has a variety of deer including the Spotted deer, the Barking deer, the Swamp deer and the Hog deer. There are two endangered species inthe national park which are the Hispid Hare and The Bengal Florican. The safari was on elephant back which was good since the elephant can go deep into the forest where most of the animals live. Most of the elephants saw the rhino (including ours). We also saw various species of deer. This was the wilderness part of our camp. We  also had a kind of track and field event, called the Camp-a-thon. The eventual winners were the Langurs (the team, not the animals!)

We enjoyed long hours by the river Sharda, and ate lunch on the banks of that sparkling river. We went on motorboats as well. We had lots of fun, especially in the open jeep rides, and in the river as well. The food was delicious, and we learnt new things about Dudhwa and its animals. However, we often got bored as there was not much to do. Also, it was marred by many illnesses, particularly Hiba’s asthma attack. Overall, the camp was a success, but not as good as some of our previous ones.


Ojasvi Goel and Indraneel Roy, 8C

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