Adventure Camps 2010

CLASS 9 - Chamba

Camp Chamba was more than just a camp, it was a learning experience.

Whether it was the activities we did, or sitting around in the volleyball court seeing the pointless matches between Sardar United and The Children of Venkateshwara Yathuswami Iyer or pigging out in our tents, every moment of our ineffective toilets was worth it.

The visit to the Tehri dam was one of the most educationally satisfying and fun filled trip we have had. The altitude of the dam and the tremendous amount of effort that had been put into constructing such a memorable part of Indian history was truly appraisable. The various processes and the 1400 workers who were all a part of the ‘largest rock filled dam’ in Asia intrigued us all.

Activities such as Flying Fox, Burma Bridge, River crossing and Tent pitching were, although repetitive, fun.

Perhaps the main highlight of the trip was the 6 hour trek (which was supposedly 10 minutes by road). Everything about it seemed tiresome, but we found a way to make it memorable. The air was thick with imprecations and every second step taken by us came along with things that would not have been appreciated if said out-loud.

Although it does sound cliché, our full potential was exercised. We did have no idea that we could trek this much. To add to this, the hills were as usual, beautiful. Every speck was full of something unusual. Whether it was the greens or the pine cones here and there, or even the tinkling bells of the goats...every bit was so different from the concrete world we live in.

To sum it all up, this trip will always be etched in our memories.

It was special.

Sanjna  Surya, Gunhad Singh Rangar, Divya Shastri, Ashrant Kohli and Sharanya Thakur.


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