Adventure Camps 2011

Class 10 - Camp Purple Mukhteshwar

There was a palpable excitement in the air as all the students of class 9’+’ prepared for their 2nd last camp.. We boarded the train, unaware of what was in store for us.  The journey to our camp was not what most of us had anticipated, it was ‘unpleasant’ to say the least. Yet, we survived and I’m glad we did. For Camp Purple was one of the best camps we had ever gone to.


Fifty kilometers from Nainital, Camp Purple is perched on the Mukteshwar ridge in the Sargakhet village. Mukteshwar literally means ‘Abode of Shiva’ and at 7290 ft. is one of the highest ridges in central Himalayas.


Our day would begin at about 7 in the morning and would continue till about 4 in the evening. There were activities such as rappelling, rock climbing and bouldering on our list, tiring, yet extremely exciting. We would trek at least 8kms every day, a great accomplishment for most.

Perhaps the main highlight of our trip was when we met the people of Sargakhet village. They were warm and welcoming as we helped them with their work and were rewarded with a delicious lunch.


A combination of adventure, trekking and cultural interactions, this camp was more than a learning experience it was an adventure of a lifetime.


Tejasvini puri 

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