Adventure Camps 2011

Class 7 - Camp Kalsi on the banks of the river Yamuna at Dak Pathar, Dehradun

The long awaited Adventure Camp was finally here. There was a hustle-bustle of packing in every home and the whole school was also buzzing with excitement and energy. Camp talks, camp organizers, camp lists, everything was about camp and soon it all got over and the very day of departure arrived. We, the students of class 7 reached Dak Pathar after a long and exciting train and bus ride. Our camp began with a division of our class into 3 groups and we all designed flags, kept names and slogans for our team. Everyday, the evenings started with competitions between the groups in activities like Tug of War, Pen the Sheep, etc. As the darkness set in and we sipped hot, yummy soup beside the bonfire, and the schedule of the next day was announced. Our adventure included a Tag Hunt in which we all trekked in the forest in search of tags which gave our group points. Maps, compasses and walkie-talkies added to the excitement. We also played games like Air- Crash, Spiders Web, Archery and many more. Like always, the best part of the camp was Rafting and Kayaking on the Yamuna where each of us got completely drenched in water. Another highlight was the India Australia semi final match that we watched on a big screen put up by Captain Amber.


On the whole, an amalgamation of a wonderful train journey experience, competitive games and exciting activities, Camp Kalsi was superb and I am sure that the whole of our batch enjoyed it just as much as I did.



Nikita Dhawan7B

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