Adventure Camps 2012

Class 10 - Camp The Great Northern Himalaya's at Kaudiyala (Badrinath Highway Rishikesh)

Our first impression of our camp was one of awe. The beauty of the place left us spellbound. The cascade of the green Ganga waves lashing against the silvery white sand of the Kaudilya beach was the main attraction to many. The activities were interesting and non strenuous, the perfect mix for the time of relaxation that we wanted to have. Kayaking and bridge slithering which was essentially clambering down a 80 feet bridge with a rope deserve special mentions because of the amazing time we had. The other activities included paintballing, rock climbing and spending endless hours by the river side trying to skip stones. The highlight of the camp was naturally rafting. We hadn’t been rafting in four years and this definitely outdid if not lived up to our expectations. The one setback that a group of eight students faced was the flipping of their raft during a rapid which caused panic but by the end of the day it too was just another memorable experience. The vegetarian food received mixed reports but a thank you to all our teachers for trying to make it as appetizing as possible. On the whole, the camp was a great experience and many moments will stay etched in our minds forever.
Aakanksha Jadhav and Indraneel Roy 10

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