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Class 12 - Rafting Expedition on the Alaknanda River

The White Water Expedition -
After 6 years of perpetually hearing about 'The Wall', it was finally our turn to embark on the Alakananda rafting expedition. Sitting in the train on the way to Haridwar, we could feel the air of excitement around us, as it was our last camp, and we planned to make the most of it.
Though rafting for 3 days in water which was absolutely freezing was a chilling experience (pun intended),we barely paid much attention to this fact, as it was outweighed by our excitement of rafting on rapids like 'the wall' and Daniel's Dip, as well as by the magnificent scenery, which included Devprayag, where we could see the two rivers, Alakananda and Bhagirathi, merging to form the Ganga. Sleeping in rafting shelters was also amazing as, even though we knew we were going to do it, it was a different experience to actually set up our rafting shelters on the banks of the river and sleep there after a tiring day of rafting. Although many were disappointed with some of the major rapids calling them overrated, as not a single raft capsized (which was a bit disappointing),the fact that we were all together, pushing each other in the water, and doing other such foolish things, all covered up and made our time there special. As we sat in the train on the way back to Delhi, though we were sad that our last camp had just ended, all of us were happy that our last camp had been the best camp ever!
Veer Gupta, 12



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