Adventure Camps 2012

Class 3 - Camp Tiger Heaven (Near Sariska Tiger Reserve)

It was Wednesday, 21st March, 2012. After a restless night, we all gathered at the Centre stage of our school. Soon, we waved goodbye to our parents waiting at the school gate. After the journey of singing songs and eating tuck, we reached our destination. Tiger Heaven in Sariska. We ran excitedly towards our tents to keep our luggage and then had yummy lunch! There were some fun activities organized like..River Crossing, Burma Bridge, Friendship Activity, Cricket, Pottery and Basket Weaving.
The Jungle Safari was fun!! We were waiting to see the tiger, but found its pugmarks instead. We saw some spotted deer, wild boars and all kinds of birds. On the last night, there was a bonfire where everyone got to perform. Inside our tents, we had fun singing, dancing, gossiping and telling each other ghost stories.
When we were packing our bags to go back to Delhi, we wished we had a few more days at the camp! Most of us enjoyed this chance to be independent. These 3 days were the best days of our year and we thank our teachers and organisers for this amazing trip!!!
Ayzra Dang 3B

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