Adventure Camps 2012

Class 4 - Camp Forest Rajaji (Near Chilla National Park, Haridwar)

The camp trip that we all had been waiting for had finally arrived ! On 19th march we all reached school early morning at 5.30 am. There was so much excitement. We all got into our buses and left for Rajaji National Park. The bus journey was a lot of fun, we ate our “tuck”and were busy chatting with each other. Before we knew it, we reached the halfway point of our journey, Moolchand Midway Resort, where we had lunch. The rest of the journey went quickly as most of us slept. We reached our destination in the evening. We were allotted our tents and we all settled in. The area had steps so our tents were in different levels. My tent was the 2nd highest and even though the walk was so long , I loved my tent !! Soon we left for a short trek, came back and watched a movie on wildlife. This was followed by dinner and off to bed!!
We woke up early next morning to go for a safari into the forest. I did not not get to see any tigers but saw many other animals like deer, wild boars, jungle fowl and a Tusker ! We came back to the camp for lunch after which we did a few activities at the camp itself. These included Mission Impossible and Rappelling. In the evening we had a big bonfire and we all sat around it. Next day, after breakfast we had some more activities planned for us . We did river crossing which I enjoyed the most. Me and my friends splashed water on each other and even fell into the river. It was so much fun getting all wet!!! We then went to see a temple on top of the mountain. We returned to the camp and had a talent show in the evening where my friends and I performed a dance. It was our last night there so we all danced and danced and danced .
Next morning, it was the 22nd already and it was time to leave . All was us were feeling bad as we had had a blast and wished we could have stayed for another day !!!

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