Adventure Camps 2012

Class 6 - Shivpuri Beach Camp at Rishikesh

On nineteenth March the entire class six gathered in school at five in the morning full of excitement and energy when on a normal day we would have been fast asleep at that time, but that day was no ordinary day, but the day we were traveling to our campsite far away in Shivpuri by the Ganges.
The journey was rather long but we had a great time talking, playing games, singing and of course eating the many kinds of delicious chocolate and candy we had carried. We stopped at moolchand for breakfast and arrived to our campsite by lunch time. We all found the last bit of our journey extremely exciting which was a ferry that took us from another camp to ours. The view from the campsite was breathtaking and we all loved it so much that we couldn’t contain our excitement and started happily jumping up and down.
We played games in the campsite itself that evening and sat around a lovely bonfire. In the next two days we had so much fun doing all sorts of things. We rafted twice and did cliff jumping, it was great fun and we all got soaked to the skin! We went on a long hike in the mountains and visited a village school. We also did activities like Burma Bridge, Flying Fox and River Crossing, they were tiring but fun and things we had never done before. Swimming in the Ganga was also an enjoyable affair, the water was freezing and we all came out shivering later!
This camp was by far, the best one we had been on till now. We had the best time of our lives and none of us will ever forget it even if we live to be a hundred!

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