Adventure Camps 2012

Class 7 - Camp Snow Lion Estate

“Oh no! Don’t go it’s completely a bore
Everything you do will make you snore”
For us camp seemed pretty pathetic
But we were sure we would make something of it

Precious moments, memories unforgettable
Camp was an experience so incredible
Cramped in buses we bobbled along the way
An evangelical 11-hour journey dragged the sleepiness away

No time to spare, bustling here and there
Ms.Soni even opened a salon to cut lengthy hair
Activities begun three teams were made
4EVA21, Bazzinga and D&A

Watching each other the contestants filled with fear
As each shouted their war cry’s with cheer
As the days flew by like an airplane
At the bonfire there was knowledge to gain

The more we trekked the stronger we became
And the frolicking time in the Yamuna was never the same
Numerous races from bricks to sacs
As well as a night tag hunt to the Brazilian kayaks

We rappelled down the bridge like warriors
Went through a spider web also became pro archers
The criminal act of midnight feasts
And of course the terrifying bathroom beast

Camp, was said to be a bore,
As boring as opening a door,
From now on the camp’s excitement will begin,
as our juniors hearts it will win!!!

-ashna sethi, devika vir and Ishita malhotra.


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