Adventure Camps 2012

Class 8 - The Den

Class 8 adventure camp – the den, jim Corbett
we woke up early at 4 in the morning , the 19th of march. Each and every one of us had butterflies in our stomachs – we couldn’t wait to reach the den resort, jim Corbett for our annual adventure camps. We had heard that we were not staying in the usual tents this year, but in an actual resort in the hills so we were pretty excited. We left school at 6 , saying goodbye to our parents happily and after a long but fun 11 hour journey, we had finally reached, and yes, we were staying in proper resort rooms with tv, ac , fridges and, most importantly, proper bathrooms!! We all felt the same, it was unique , but it didn’t feel like camp does every year, living in tents ! nevertheless, the activities that followed the next few day were fun – treasure hunts, bonfires, flying box , bridge fall were all thrilling, but everyone would agree that the highlight of our trip was the safari of Corbett national park. We were divided into 2 groups, the morning safari and the afternoon safari . Being in the morning safari, we had to wake up (and wake the entire resort up) at 4 am ! we trudged our way to the bus in the darkness with cups of milk in our hands and after 2 hours reached the jungle. Next we got into jeeps of 6 and began our safari. We spotted deers, langoors, monkeys (actual ones, not the person sitting next to us ;)) and …. Wait for it …. Oh who am I kidding… no, we didn’t see a tiger. (surprise surprise!) but, APPARENTLY we could’ve have spotted one if we all weren’t screaming at the top of our lungs! Even though we only spent 2 days at the resort, I speak on the behalf of my whole batch when I say that we all do miss the place- the housekeeping, the ‘other people’ living in the resort, mr shuklas ‘commandos!’ , the cultural evening, anything and everything will be missed. I really enjoyed this years camp, it was different, but it was still fun.

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