Adventure Camps 2012

Class 9 - Camp Kyari (Syat)

In a nutshell, our camp this year was short, but memorable nonetheless. Fun as bus journeys with school usually are, our eight-nine hour voyage to the campsite near Syatt was quite exuberant. As we reached a boscage of trees and foothills, we fled from the bus, craving some fresh air. It was a long, but enjoyable trek to our tents. We had a short briefing, and quickly adapted to our campsite and the beautiful scenery, surrounded by birds, wildlife and clear skies. Next, in the evening, we strode up the hill for a view of the evening sunset. But, a few amazing activities really made up this trip, and were really designed for a good time. The Jumaring and Rappelling was good, but the real highlight was Body-Surfing. After a long trek, a swim in freezing cold water was refreshing and this was an activity liked by more than just a few. Then, of course, our evening bonfires encouraged conversation, an array of games and well, the warmth and light gave everyone a boost for the next day. More than just talking to each other, we learnt to compromise, to adapt and to feel empathy. The Sitabani trek, the next day, started off with a gypsy-ride and then we proceeded to a narrow esplanade. Over here, we collected ribbons on the way, which helped us identify the different trees. We then relaxed by the stream, and helped cook our food (At least we tried to!). After lazing around for a while, we headed back to our gypsies and zoomed back to the campsite. And, believe it or not, this short and sweet camp had almost reached its end. We had our last bonfire, and the next morning, paced down and boarded our buses, enrouté to New Delhi. This camp was brilliant, but let’s just say, that just three days wasn’t enough!

Noor Dhingra


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