Adventure Camps 2013

Class 4 - Camp forest -Rajaji National Park

I am always excited about the ‘Adventure Camp’ trips. I could hardly sleep the night before we had to leave. Early morning, I stood up straight at the first call from my Mom and got dressed quickly. I had planned and packed my suitcase and a little tuck, two days in advance. I reached the school and figured out that I was the seventh to arrive in my class. Everyone was chatting and there was so much excitement all around. After some time we left. It was a long journey with a break at Moolchand for some breakfast. We reached our camp site at Rajaji National Park, Uttarakhand around 1:30 pm. Soon after, we did mountain climbing, drank hot chocolate, watched a wildlife movie, ate dinner and slept.
Next day we got up early in the morning and went for a trek along the river bed and splashed around in the tiny streams. After coming back, we had a hearty breakfast and did activities like ‘Mission Impossible’ and ‘Big V’. After lunch, some of us went for a ‘Jeep Safari’. In the evening we had some activities around the bonfire and then dinner. Tired, we slept well at night.
The day after we played by ourselves in the morning . The other sections went for the safari. The boys had a cricket match too. After lunch we did activities like ‘Zip Line’ and ‘Rappelling’, which were lot of fun. At the bonfire, we had small acts performed by groups of boys and girls .Our act was ‘Secret of the Bouncing Medicine’. Everybody enjoyed the acts.
Time seemed to just fly away and so soon we were on the last day of our trip. We got up and dragged our bags to the reception area. After breakfast, we left for Vasant Valley and reached school at 5o’ clock. I was so happy to be back home again.
I look forward to the ‘Adventure Camp’ next year too and will not miss even one.

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