Adventure Camps 2013

Class 5 - Shivpuri Beach Camp

Adventure Camp was lots of fun and I shall tell you about it. Waking up early in the morning is always a nuisance, but not this time. It was Adventure Camp! I quickly got dressed and went to school with my dad. Quite a lot of people were already there. Soon it was time to leave. I was very excited and picked up my bag and boarded the bus. Even though the journey was long, it was fun. We stopped for breakfast at Moolchand. By the time we reached the campsite, which was beautiful, it was time for lunch. We were told our tents and tent mates. We had lunch and then went down to play some games. We were divided into 4 groups: duck, horse, chicken and frog. Later in the evening we sang songs and danced around the bonfire for a while before we went in for dinner and then to our tents to sleep.
Next morning, I was up very early and woke up my tent mates. I changed and got ready for the day. The previous night we were divided into 2 groups. My group went for a nature walk before breakfast. Then we went to a school in the mountains, the climb to which was very tiring. We played a few games with the children of that school and then had lunch at Aaranya. The food was delicious. After lunch we rafted down 8 kilometres of the Ganga! And then went back to the campsite and played some games. We got together around the bonfire before dinner. We gorged on the delicious meal and then went to bed and fell asleep immediately.
Next morning I woke up with the sound of the whistle and quickly got ready. First we did some energizing activities before breakfast. Then we rafted down a new stretch of the river. We got back to the campsite for lunch and were again divided into 2 groups. Half of us went for rope activities such as Valley Crossing, Firefox and Burma Bridge, while the other half went swimming and kayaking. We switched activities and each one of us got to do every activity. My tent mates and I sang a song around the bonfire on our last night at camp. We enjoyed a Chinese meal and slept like logs.
I didn’t feel like leaving. I don’t think anybody did but of course we had to. We had an early breakfast and took all our belongings from our tents and were ferried across the river for the last time. The bus left at about 8.30 am. We stopped at Moolchand for lunch. We reached school at 4:30 p.m. safe and sound and boy!were our parents happy to see us!

Tia Goculdas
5 - A

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