Adventure Camps 2013

Class 8 - Camp Junga, Himachal Pradesh


Junga in Himachal Pradesh was this year’s camping destination,
A time of memories, fun, friendship and recreation.
10. Early in the morning, sitting in buses with hope,
Unaware of the exasperating journey up slope.
9. Misunderstandings and disagreements were rare but present,
Tent issues and arguments were minor but unpleasant.
8. Rappelling down as injured soldiers was quite a task,
Stepping in cacti was oh so painful... Don’t ask!
7. Through activities like ‘Giant ladder’ and ‘Tarzan swing’,
We co-operated and coordinated through everything.
6. In the stream, preventing each other from falling,
Stopping flip-flops from flowing was called ‘Chapal catching!’
5. Trekking to the peak took our breathe away,
The view had us awestruck; we had nothing to say,
4. Surviving in the wild by gathering wood and making a fire,
We cooked ‘Maggi’ with all our effort and ate it with desire.
3. Sounding like crows, our precious voices were gone,
Staying up the night, we sang and talked until dawn.
2. Dancing in the foyer to the classics and the latest hits,
Celebrating birthdays were some of the best bits.
1. All foes exonerated from their heinous crimes,
Bound by friendship, they were the best times.
These were the top ten memories of camp Junga, going from worse to better,
The hues of this gradient improved with each and every letter.

by Ashna Sethi, Devika Vir and Ishita Malhotra (Class 8)

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