Adventure Camps 2013

Class 9 - Camp X – Terra, Rani Chauri, Uttarakhand

So it goes like this….
Between the constant chitter chatter of our teeth and the bird’s nest that had become of our hair the camp of 2013 holds umpteen number of memories that will remain etched in our minds for the many years to come…..
Ranichauri held a breath-taking view of the Shivalik range of the Himalayas that all of us students, couldn’t stop giving awestruck looks too….the view just left us mesmerized….from the Harlem shake to the various amount of games that left us wobbly on our feet making us loose our sense of directions and the sense of differentiating between left and right, despite the overdose of drama we received , despite the teeny tiny problems like finding lizards or moths in our tents and the fact that one had to secretly play cards and pass time, despite all the little tit bits, every moment of the camp was lived to its fullest, not one thing about this camp one would want to change, except maybe when the monkey’s invaded the campus and the restrooms and we ran out of our relaxing spots like our life depended on it or the fact that the extreme cold weather that left us chilled to the bone made us want to jump into a hot relaxing Jacuzzi and never ever come out …..
All in all the exceptions may be many and maybe even the faults but it is the bonding and the growth and closeness in relationships throughout the camp that took place while sitting across the bonfire or maybe just during the bus ride that made your insides turn queasy was what we will remember , it would be the non-stop giggling and crying on shoulders for reasons unknown, it would be the secrets revealed and shared or the new friendships made and broken, the new confidants found and the thousand stories that we have shared, that are the things that made our camp what it is….we may have laughed like retarded seals or had vertigo attacks and freaked out from the heights that just made us want to run back to our mommies for shelter and hide under our blankets, it may be the spooky sounds one hears at night or the sudden urge to use the wash room but wondering if it’s worth getting up and off the bed for… is all these small things that made our camp in whole the BESTEST CAMP EVAHH!

Sama Kasliwal - 9A

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