Adventure Camps 2014

Panna National Park (Madhya Pradesh)

The mountains, the seven lakes, the conifer-scente
The mountains, the seven lakes, the conifer-scented air, the friendly villagers, the stars and perhaps the occasional ghosts are truly what make Saattal the magical place that it is.
From the moment we boarded the train to the time we got onto our buses, the excitement did not die down until we were made to trek up hill to our campsite.
Waking up every morning to the infuriating shrieks of the rooster was quite a unique experience. Every meal served, sumptuous as it was, was topped with a bit of a local twist. The standing in line for meals, scrambling for maggi and bread pakoras and being surprised with amazing pasta are indeed cherished memories.
There was no time to spare as we were kept busy with a variety of activities the instructors planned for us. From the bouquet of activities like kayaking, rappling, river-crossing and egg hunts there was something that each one of us had never done before. As the sun went down, it was time to unwind and do some stargazing. Sitting around the campfire and losing ourselves to the music helped us introspect about all that we had experienced that day!
Bonding with the batch in the midst of nature truly united us all! The scars, cuts and bruises may fade over time but the memories of camp Saat Taal will remain etched in our hearts forever!
Zoya Singh & Nimran Kang

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