Adventure Camps 2014

Camp Forest - Rajaji National Park (Near Haridwar)

Adventure At Rajaji National Park

This year our class went to Rajaji National Park. We left school by bus, excitedly waving to our parents who were waiting to see us off. It took us 7-8 hours to reach and on the way we stopped at Moolchand Resorts for breakfast.

After we settled in our tents and freshened up, we were split into groups for all the activities we would do during camp. In our 3 days at camp, we did Rappelling, which was great fun, though hard. We also did Zip-line and Mission Impossible in teams. Each group went once on a jungle safari in jeeps. We all saw many animals like elephants, wild boars, spotted deer, langoors and Kingfishers.

At night we had a bonfire and each tent put up a show. This was the best part of the adventure camp at least in my opinion. On the second night we also saw a movie on Tigers. Here we learnt about how people destroy the forest and why we need to save our tigers. We also saw how a tiger stalks and kills his prey.
Many of us did not like watching this part of the movie. On the third night, we saw a slideshow of all our photographs over the 3 days. This was amusing and we all laughed and giggled whilst watching this.

On day 4, we woke up very early in the morning, had our hot chocolate and breakfast and left. We were all looking forward to meet our parents soon.

I am already looking forward to the Class 5 adventure camp!!!

Tanaya Banerjee IV – C


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