Adventure Camps 2014

Panna National Park (Madhya Pradesh)

Panna, the heart of Madhya Pradesh where tigers peacefully dreamt,
Little did they know our school had sent,
The most rambunctious batch ever seen,
The group incapable of appreciating anything green.

As the train pulled up at the station and the whistle blew,
The excitement embedded in our hearts grew.
We gambled away time calling ‘bluff’ at every opportunity,
Harmonising to the latest hits in unity.

The Ken River lodge was a sight for sore eyes
The stars were complimented by the dazzling fireflies
This time it wasn’t all about staying up late and eating,
There was much more to our camp, while nature was greeting.

Early morning safaris, were sure a daunting task,
Waking up on time was too much to ask.
The view so spectacular, the breeze so light,
Made the early wakeup call worth the fight.

Antlers interlocked, they portrayed valour,
The Sambar deer displayed majestic manner.
The spotted deer tossed their heads with gaiety,
Running and jumping around aimlessly.

Nature was being kind, we were in luck,
T6 graced us with her presence, and left us awestruck.
We built our own rafts, with tubes and bamboo,
Unfortunately for us, we had to race with them too.

A chance to connect, provided memories galore,
Not a moment passed where camp seemed like a bore.
Our ideals on nature had finally been perfected,
We had indeed learnt to expect the unexpected!

-Ashna Sethi, Ishita Malhotra and Devika Vir - 9

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