Adventure Camps 2015
Class 10

Class 10

The day had finally arrived, the time to reap our reward,
The exams had left us exasperated and bored.
Sleepless and weary we boarded the train,
The endless games of "bluff" and "truth or dare" left us barely sane.

The journey inevitably brought us to our destination,
Our eyes fluttered open to nature's most beautiful creation.
As the Crimson sun set into the ivory mountains,
It awakened our spiritual fountains,

From the unifying 'marble and pipe' and 'acid river' games during initiation
To the low and the high ropes course and group division.
Each activity had a lesson to teach,
Be it how to dress wounds or the next ladder step to reach.

We trekked up hills and through valleys so rife,
To ultimately get an insight into the villagers' life.
They way they live, the thoughts they possess,
To an over luxurious life, we confess.

Camp was obviously drama galore,
It led to drastic feelings abhor.
But we overcame obstacles both figuratively and literally,
After all, we are batch, despite being divided socially and intellectually.

-Ashna Sethi, Devika Vir, Ishita Malhotra, 10

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