Adventure Camps 2015
Class 3

Class 3 - Adventure Camp - Dhauj
Class 3 went for a 3 days 2 nights camp to ' Camp Wild ' Dhauj , located at the foothills of the Aravallis near Faridabad. They left at 7.45 am on the 17th of March and returned early evening on the 19th of March.
Day one, children reached the campsite by 9.30 am and enjoyed a hearty breakfast after which they were allocated cottages and they settled in with their bags. Thereafter they we're familiarized with the camp rules and were made to play team games like - ' Fill the bucket ' and ' knock the target'. They also enjoyed a camel ride. After a sumptuous lunch and an hours rest, they freshened up, had milk and an evening snack before they went for a village trek . Dinner and dancing to music brought day one to a fulfilling end .
Day two began with breakfast followed by exciting activities such as ' Flying Fox' , ' Rappelling' ,' Free Fall' . Interspersed with refreshing lemonade, the activities were completed before lunch was served. In the afternoon, the children got together in their groups to plan for the evening performances. Evening milk and snacks were followed by a few of the obstacle course activities like ' Commando Net', 'Wriggling through a tunnel', and 'Tyre Climbing'. Later in the evening we had a bonfire, around which the children sat in a circle and came forth in groups to present their performances of dance ,music, riddles and short skits. They enjoyed a hot cup of soup alongside and the day culminated with dinner.
Day three was the last day of camp so the children cleared up and packed before moving in for breakfast following which they made their way to the obstacle course to complete their activities like the ' Burma bridge', ' Rope climbing' , ' Monkey Crawl' and ' Balance walk'. Children thoroughly enjoyed the activities and moved in for lunch at around They cleared the cottages and loaded their bags into the bus before heading back to school.
Despite their very first time, most of the children were completely involved in the camp routine and conducted themselves independently and appropriately. Values of team spirit and cooperation were reflected in their behavior.

I was both excited and a little nervous to go for the Adventure Camp this year as this was the first time we were going to be on our own, without our parents. I packed my bag with my mummy's help. On 17th March, I was ready by 7 am and left for school. When I reached school, some of my friends were already there. We waited for all others to come and then we boarded the bus. We left for the camp at 7:45 am after waving goodbye to our parents. On the way, we had chips and juice from my tuck. I saved the biscuits for the way back.
Once we reached the camp, we were allotted our respective cottages. I was in Cottage No. 3 along with Advika, Avni, Amaara, Nandini, Sainah, Mannat and our Cottage teacher was my Class Teacher Mrs. Sandhu. We put our bags inside our cottages and went for a deliciously yummy breakfast. We were then divided into groups. Our group's name was "Cheetah" and we did a lot of fun activities like "FILL IN THE BUCKET". Our group "Cheetah" won this game. Then we went for a camel ride, which I did with my pair buddy Nandini. We spoke in whispers, so that the camel won't get disturbed. After this, we did some rehearsals for our "bonfire performance" and then played games like "KNOCK THE TARGET", in which our group won again. After all this fun-packed action, we had a hearty lunch. In the evening, we went for a village walk and when we came back, we played more games like "SIMON SAYS". Then we had tomato soup and dinner, after which we went to our cottages, changed into our night suits and slept off.
The next day, though it was bright and sunny outside, it was a little cold inside the cottage. We got ready, had some milk and cookies; and then we rehearsed again for our "bonfire performance". We also did some more fun activities like "Flying Fox", rapelling and freefall. Then we had French fries and milk; and after that we went for the obstacle courses like "Commando Net", "Tunnel Crawling" and "Tyre Climbing". In the evening, we sat by the bonfire and each group performed their act. We sang the song "Let it Go" from the movie "FROZEN" and danced to it with the light from our flashlights (torches); and everyone clapped for us. Then we had tomato soup and dinner; and then changed into our night suits and slept off.
Next day, in the morning, we did rest of the obstacle courses like "Burma Bridge", rope-climbing, etc. Then we packed our bags, said Good-bye to Camp Wild and came back to school. Though I was sad to leave Camp Wild, I was also happy to be going back home. We reached school at 3:30 pm and said goodbye to our teachers and friends. I want to thank all my teachers for all the fun we had and for taking such good care of me that I did not miss my home. I am already looking forward to the "Camp" next year.
Kyra Dhar 3-A

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