Adventure Camps 2015
Class 4

Class 4 - Rajaji National Park

After a six hour bus journey we reached the campsite named 'Forrest'. I was amazed by the view. There were never ending hills behind our tents and meadows with flowers in full bloom. There was no sound except for the gentle chirping of birds filling the place with peace and beauty. So, after we were assigned rooms we went for lunch. When we had finished our delicious meal, we lined up and went trekking up a mountain. By the time we returned, the sun had set and it was time for hot chocolate milk followed by bonfire and dinner.
The next day we rose early and set out for some adventure such as Rappelling and Mission Impossible. I liked them both. In the evening it was time to get a jeep for a jungle safari. We were lucky to spot some elephants, herds of deer and peacocks.
After a good night sleep, our third day at the camp began with a trek to riverbed at sunrise. We made stone sculptures, visited the 'Water Mill' and took turns splashing the fast flowing little streams. After a tiring walk it was time for a mouthwatering meal and a long rest. We then did 'Fire Fox' after that we were free for the evening.
The last day at the camp started at 6a.m. when we placed our bags at the assembling area. After breakfast and my favourite hot chocolate, we loaded our bags into the bus to begin our long journey back to the hustle and bustle of Delhi. The camp at Rajaji National Park is truly an experience I am going to remember for a long time!!
Sana Mehra IV – A

This year our camp was in Rajaji National Park. The name of the camp we were staying in was called Camp Forest. We went by buses and it took 7 hours to get there. When we reached the camp we were given 10 minutes of free time as everybody was tired. We had lunch and relaxed. In the evening we had a bonfire and went to bed. The next day we woke up and ate breakfast and then went for the activity Mission impossible which everybody enjoyed. We were lifted in the air by a rope and you had to pick up vegetables and keep them in a helmet. There were two teams, one team directed you and the other team pulled you up. Next we went for rappelling which all of us liked. We ate lunch and then went for a Safari in the safari we saw peacocks, boars, elephants, deer and a wild chicken which is called Khalij by the locals. It was very late when we came back so we immediately had dinner and went to our tents to sleep. Next day we woke up and did zip lining and got free time for the rest of the day with a break for lunch. The next day we sadly packed our bags and went back to school where we were picked up by our parents. It was definitely an experience that we will never forget.
Siddharth Chandra Sharma IV – A

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