Adventure Camps 2015
Class 5


It all unravelled with an early morning start of 05:30 am from School on 17th of March. We scrambled into our buses and as usual there was a tussle regarding who to sit with. On reaching Gajraula we stopped for breakfast. We ate in a hurry as we were excited and could not wait to reach the campsite. Enroute we passed by many farms of wheat and mustard.On reaching JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK we were escorted into gypsies and driven to our campsite inside the jungle.On the way we crossed the river, Kosi. There were many canals leading out of the river.
Upon reaching the campsite we were allotted our cottages and explained the camp rules. After lunch we went for a walk in the nearby village. We saw many fruit trees of amla, mango, and mulberry and a variety of flowers. The camp instructor, Mr. Jalal, plucked some mulberries for us. He also showed us a solar powered electric barbed wire running around the village to protect the villagers and their cattle from the wild animals in the National Park. When we returned to the campsite, we were very tired but at the first sight of a football we regained our energy and began to play. After dinner, we slept peacefully.
The next day after breakfast we were divided into two groups. Group A went rappelling and enjoyed river time while Group B went trekking and bodysurfing. Rappelling was exciting but most people found it scary as we were 60 feet above the ground . During river time we sat besides the river and built sandcastles. In the afternoon, we embarked upon Mission Impossible. This activity really tested our skill and strength. Though my team lost the challenge it was lot of fun. In the evening we played cricket, football or badminton.
The next morning the groups reversed their activity schedule. Our group went trekking in the Shivalik Range. The climb up was challenging as the path was full of stones and dry leaves. Once we reached the top of the hill, we got an aerial view of the jungle which made the climb worthwhile. After climbing down, we headed for body surfing in the canal. We lay down in the water and started drifting downstream. The water was cold and fast flowing but we felt comfortable because of our life jackets. Everybody was completely wet but we loved the unique experience of floating in the canal. After a hectic morning of trekking and bodysurfing, we were all very hungry and enjoyed a sumptuous Chinese meal. Seeing our interest in cricket, the camp instructor gave us an opportunity to watch a part of World Cup quarterfinal between India and Bangladesh.
In the afternoon, we went for a jungle safari. I have been on many a safari before but it was my first safari in Jim Corbett. Besides spotting animals like deer and antelopes, I was excited upon seeing a large tusker and a monitor lizard. The highlight of course was seeing a herd of eighteen elephants walking past in a long trail. I wish I was carrying a camera to capture the moment. That evening,the teams put up some spectacular performances of jokes, plays and riddles.
The three days in Camp Kyari ended much sooner than we realised. Next morning, we packed our bags and started our journey back to Delhi, though many of us would have liked to spend another day in the jungle. Our trip to Camp Kyari in Jim Corbett was one of the most pleasurable camping trips in Vasant Valley, THUS FAR.
Tanveer Sood 5a

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