Adventure Camps 2016
Class 5

Class 5 - Camp Horn Bill

Waiting anxiously all through the night for the alarm bell to ring, finally it rang TRING….TRING….TRING and I was all ready by 5am.
On 8th march my class gathered at the centre stage all excited to start our journey to Village Kyari, Corbett. We had our first stop at Gajraula and had yummy breakfast to satisfy every palate and marched on to our destination. It took about 8hrs to reach there. After a tiring and hectic journey we arrived at the camp site on the foothills of Corbett National Park. Welcomed by the sounds of birds, we settled in our tent and went for a nature walk where we saw many trees and termite hills. We came back exhausted, had delicious pakoras and dinner then went to bed dog tired.
The next day began early with delicious bourn vita milk and cookies followed by body surfing, mission impossible and other team building activities. We went for bird watching and saw many beautiful birds like Red vented bulbul and White capped red start. Body surfing was fun where we floated in a canal. Having filled our stomachs with every ones favourite Rajma Chawal we set out on our rendezvous with the roaring tigers in the jungle safari. But we could only spot Jackals, a Tusker elephant, a woodpecker, some vultures and jungle fouls.
On the last day we played team games like pass the hoop and balance the marble on the spoon followed by hearty breakfast and got ready for ladder climbing. When we came back we had to go for mission "EARN YOUR MEAL". We were divided into groups and given a photo of a family whom we had to track in the village. We had to help them in their chores. We made rotis with a rolling pin and fed the cows which helped us to earn our meal at their house. When we came back to the camp we got ready for zip line. At the campfire all the groups showcased their spectacular performances where my team bagged third position and got chocolates as prize.
Early morning we woke up and packed our bags and left the camp site with a heavy heart.
It was a full jungle experience to live in a tent surrounded by trees and next to a river. It left me enthralled. I will never forget this exciting trip to Camp Kyari, Jim Corbett.
Ishan Singh Puri V - B

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