Adventure Camps 2016
Class 6

Class 6 - Bulls Camp Pahadi Damdamma

There was excitement everywhere as we were going to go to Shivpuri for our adventure camp. We were going to do rafting, kayaking for the first time! Yay! But, a few days before the camp, a disappointing announcement was made. We were not going to Shivpuri anymore. Everyone started cribbing and moaning as we were going to Damdamma Lake which we had visited before, and hey! It wasn't even a lake anymore! Soon, the day of the camp arrived. Everyone arrived before time to school as there was still little bit of excitement because all friends were going to be together, what fun! We reached the camp at about 10:30 AM, after two hours journey in the bus. We introduced ourselves to the instructors Ms. Sonam, Ms. Olivia and Mr. Ajay and then settled down in our tents. After that we had breakfast, were divided into our activity groups and then made our Flag and Slogan. While playing games like badminton, volleyball, cricket after lunch everyone had a lot of fun. In the evening we had some snacks, drank hot chocolate and went for archery, pottery and games. On returning from the evening walk we had a bon fire, had dinner and went to sleep thereafter. Early morning next day we woke up, had hot chocolate, did morning energizing and then went for a morning walk in the fields like the previous evening. We came back and gobbled up the food as we felt famished. Then we went for different activities that were going to be done in rotation that day and the next day. My group 'Nuclear Lions' went for rock climbing and rappelling on a mountain phase. As usual some were scared, some were excited. I volunteered to be the first one to do rappelling. After everyone had a chance we returned to the campsite and played team games. Then when it was night everyone did star gazing before dinner and then everyone quickly went to the tents and dozed off. Next morning we went through the same morning energizing, had milk and went for games. Nuclear Lions first did Zorbing and then went for Burma Bridge, Zipline and Obstacle Courses. The most enjoyable thing was watching Ms. Gupta and Mrs. Kaur doing Ziplining, proving that a determined mind can overcome any obstacle. After completing the activities everybody had free time. During that time Mrs. Singh also paid us a visit and we had the Tent Cleaning Contest. That day it was also Mrs. Kaur's Birthday so we had bon fire performances and had cake as dessert for dinner. Yum! Yum! In the morning, we went through the same routine and learnt how to pitch our own tents. That day we had to leave the campsite early as there was a traffic advisory in Delhi. Everyone had bug and mosquito bites all over their body and they were scared to go in front of their parents with light red pock marks! Before stepping into the bus we got to know that our tent had won the Tent Cleaning Contest. We left the camp and after three hours' journey, we reached back to school at 4:30 PM. Everyone had sad faces, hoarse voices and tanned skin as after all it was a fun filled camp! We fondly look forward to the Adventure Camp awaiting us next year.
- Advait Sehgal

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