Adventure Camps 2016
Class 8

Class 8 - Taapu Sera

This year, we the children of class eight went to camp Taapu Sera, cradled in the Himalayan Mountains, in the lap of Mother Nature. We assembled in school early morning and boarded our buses to leave for our destination at six a.m. The next many hours were filled with fun, games and laughter. Finally, when we did reach our campsite, we were warmly welcomed by our camp instructors and were then divided into three groups namely 23 Guns, Fitch, Taapu Ka Baapu and got familiarized with rules and regulations, equipment briefing on harnesses, Jumars and carabineers. We then gorged on tea and pakoras followed by fun activities and games. After a scrumptious dinner the entire lot fell asleep, dead tired, to a backdrop of the soothing gurgling sounds from a steam near us.

The second day was jam packed with action. We went for an adventurous nature trek and did some tough rock climbing and the dreaded rappelling! Initially many of us were petrified but as we took up the challenge we all eventually managed to conquer our fears. Later we were given a talk on navigation and survival skills and a briefing on how to pitch our tents. We then bundled off, grabbing our tents, crossing the stream and quickly got to work at an instructed location, pitching our tents absolutely on our own. In spite of our tiredness our faces beamed with pride when we were applauded for our teamwork and enthusiasm.

We woke up on the third day to a lot of hard work, un-pitching our tents and walking back to our campsite for a four hour long nature trek, which proved to be physically exhausting but challenging and exhilarating. The instructors complemented many on their technique of traversing steep and narrow parts and requested them to help others who found it difficult.

With plenty of antics and shenanigans the three fun filled days came to an end and as we packed our bags to leave early next day we were all reminiscing all that we had experienced, the never-ending complaints and ceaseless laughter. On this trip I'm sure we all learnt a lot about ourselves, our skills our interests our competence and burgeoning of many leaders among us. We all have comeback home very happy, confident and with a new perception of who we are and what all can do.

Uday Dabas and Vedika Bagla
Class 8

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