Adventure Camps 2017
Class 10

Class 10 - Nauchiatal

We left school at 4 in the morning
For one of the best times of the year
Impatiently waiting at the train station
Adventure camp was near

The scenic beauty of naukuchiatal
Was beyond compare
Our campsite was spacious and green
With flowers and trees everywhere

Everyday was busy for us
Activities and games galore
Various challenges for us to overcome
What else is adventure camp for?

River crossing, kayaking, trekking
We developed various skills
How to make a fire or pitch a tent
Or simply team spirit and leadership

With these various team games new friendships blossomed
And these bonds will forever remain
For we learn from our friends as they do from us
And these relationships will, over all else, reign

On the whole the experience was exhilarating
The spirit of unity intact
We headed home from camp with a heavy heart
We wish the trip we could protract

Ahana Banerjee

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