Adventure Camps 2017
Class 4

Class 4 - 6th March – 9th March 2017
At 5.30 in the morning, we came to school. It was the day of Adventure camp. We were going to Rajaji National Park and staying there for four days and three nights. Everyone was very but we all were thinking what it would be like. At 6 o clock the bus left school and after a 6 hour journey we reached Rajaji National Park. The camp was smashing. There were many fun activities in which we participated, like trekking, zip lining, Mission impossible, crossing through a rope bridge and our favorite-the Safari. We went to the National Park in jeepsans saw many different animals and birds,like, deer, elephants, tiger-sounds, leopard foot-marks, stork and cows. Besides these activities we all went for a village walk where we got a chance to interact with the local villagers. This helped us to understand the differences between village life
and city life.
The food served on the camp was delicious, sumptuous and to the taste of all of us. Besides the yum food, every night we sat around the bonfire to hear stories from Mr Pandey, enacted plays, dances, songs, asked riddles and quizzes. Camp was super fun and taught us to collaborate with each other, help out every one and adapt to the environment we are in. We are looking forward to the camp next year now. Kavya Malik Venugopal IV - A

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