Adventure Camps 2017
Class 5

Class 5

It was finally Monday, the day I had been awaiting. It was the day of adventure camp and I quickly got ready and set off for school. On reaching school I gave my mother a quick hug and sat in the bus and the journey was spent chatting with my friends. When we reached Camp Hornbill we settled down and were divided into four groups for a nature walk and birdwatching. We spotted Grey Hornbills, Blue Kingfishers, White Browed Wagtails among a dozen other colourful birds. Post dinner we spent our first night in our tents. The activities of the next day had me excited as we were going to do body surfing and "mission impossible". I thoroughly enjoyed body surfing and did it twice despite the fact that I was shivering. After some free time and milk, we sat down in the evening to watch a movie about tigers. I relished the papads and ate them whenever they were served even though they were slightly spicy. The next morning was dedicated to adventure activities that included passing the hoopla, pipes and marble game which was later followed by ladder climbing and ziplining that were exhilarating. We enjoyed lunch with the locals living in the village and toured through their fields. Later we sat in our jeeps to go for a safari in Corbett National Park. The disappointment of not being able to sight a tiger was made up by the spotting of a brown bear. We came back exhausted but we managed to perform songs and share riddles and jokes. The next morning we woke up not willing to go home, but when we set off we couldn't wait to get back. On the way back I ate sweets which were distributed as two classmates had birthdays. I enjoyed adventure camp like I do every year and I look forward to the next!
Kaasvee Kaur

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