Adventure Camps 2017
Class 7

Class 7 - Adventure Camp - Ranthambore

On March 6, Monday, our batch was prepared to leave for Sawai Madhipur Jn. from Hazrat Nizammuddin Station. We were set to depart at 10:30 a.m. on the Jan Shatabdi Express. On our way, we played cards and finished all the wafers and the cookies that we had. Each one of us heaved a sigh of relief after the six hour train journey to finally reach the destination. We had a head count and left for the resort, "Sher Villas" in our canters. Mr. Singh, our camp organizer helped us make a group with the people we would share our tent or room. Everyone was delighted to find out non vegetarian food was being served. After dinner, we saw a video on the fearless and oldest tiger that had ever lived. Everybody was in awe of the tiger, Machli. Finally, we had a good night's sleep.
The next day, we woke up at six 'o'clock. The organizers had planned something special for us and indeed it was exceptional .We had enjoyable activities like Free Fall and Flying Fox. Mr.Gill, our Mathematics teacher didn't teach us Arithmetic or Algebra that day but instead engaged us in a fun game of volleyball! We had a delicious lunch and were ready to go spot a tiger ! In canters, we travelled to Zone 5 at the Ranthambore National park and spotted as well as sambar deer, peacocks, spotted deers, crocodiles and, T-43, Laila! We came back and had a snack of Maggi and drank hot chocolate, and rested for a while after which we had conversation about the next day's plans.
On the second last day, woke up at the same time and went for our morning safari.There we saw a cubs with their mother lying down. This sight thrilled us to the core .Next, we went to the Ranthambore Fort and worshipped at the temple.We came back and ate our supper. After that, we watched the folk dance of Rajasthan where we danced along too. At 10 pm, we packed our luggage and changed into the clothes we would wear the next day.
On our final day, the 9th of March 2017 we left Sher Villas and had a safe train journey back home on the Jan Shatabdi Express . We were happy as well as sad that we were leaving Sher Villas, because this was a great experience for us and we look forward tomanymore exciting adventure camps in the future as well.

Ruhan Chopra and Armaan J Sarna

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