School Camps 2018
Class 12

Class 12 - Class 12 Beasghat Excursion, Rishikesh - Devprayag Road, (Uttarakhand)
12TH- 16TH March 2018

Our last adventure camp? Our last outing together as a batch? The truth behind those words hadn't really sunk in till the very last moment. I'll be honest, many of us didn't have high hopes for this camp. We had all heard about the wonders of Alaknanda from siblings and friends in the grades above and had been looking forward to the camp for years, and were very upset when we found out we would be the first batch to not go. Nevertheless, faces anxious to see where the upcoming adventure would take us, we all boarded our train and set off on a journey we would soon learn to cherish. Extremely long and tiring treks aside, I thoroughly loved each and every bit of this year's adventure camp. Our campsite was breathtakingly beautiful. A white sand beach on the banks of a beautiful river surrounded on all sides by mountains and hills, it was like something out of a dream. The food was much better than we could have possibly hoped for (that tomato soup was to die for), taking us all by surprise as camp food has always been famed for its unparalleled tastelessness. The star-specked night sky was alluring, and staring up at that fascinating sky, painting pictures and connecting dots with my mind's eye, while laying down on the beach in silence is a memory I will never forget. All in all, this final 5-day-long trip with the people we had all grown up with has occupied a very special and important place in all of our hearts, never to be forgotten, and always to be remembered.

Sahil Armaan Kumar Class 12



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