School Camps 2018
Class 8

Class 8 - Campus Dogadda, Kotdwar, Garhwal District (Uttarakhand)
12TH- 15TH March 2018

Most of us woke up before day break on Monday 12th of March, bubbling with excitement to go for the long awaited camp to Dogadda in Garhwal. In the bus we spent eight hours playing cards games, talking to our friends until finally reaching Kotdwar at 2:00 in the afternoon. From there we took a twenty minute uphill jeep ride only to find out that we still had a thirty minute walk ahead of us. The campus chief gave us the rules and there went our tuck. We then had a scrumptious lunch and were dismissed to relax in our tents. It had been a long day and we easily fell asleep after dinner. After such refreshing sleep we woke up and had breakfast. One group went for Rock climbs, to be truthful the trek to the rock was so long that we felt as if we had already finished two activities for the day. We came back to a healthy lunch and went for our trek where we learnt how to pack while going hiking and also how to pitch a tent. It was also a classmate's birthday, so we were given some delicious cake. After that our campus chief told us that we were going to have Helter Skelter the next day. The next morning we woke up early and quickly changed to get in to gear for the day's activity, the high ropes course. It seemed incredibly high. We had to complete two obstacles, the first one being a ladder with around one to one and a half metres of space between every rung, with two people this simultaneously. The second obstacle was the commando net, suspended from two trees, we were hanging on for dear life, (although we were attached to a harness). Then we had Helter Skelter or the Inme Olympics, during which we played a variety of games ranging from Ninja Strike and Bull's Eye to the Hurdle race. The same night we enjoyed soup accompanied by a rather humorous talent night. The next morning our faces fell as we realised that our campaign trip came to an end. We reached school and the urban city at around 5:30pm with new memories freshly etched in our minds.

Uday Aman Chopra Class 8

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