9th August 2004

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On the 19th of July, class XI participated in a Slogan and Poster making competition.

The Ryan Cup Basketball Tournament was held on the 19th of July for the class IX and below category.VVS beat Bhatnagar International School, 27:26.

On the 21st of July the class VII Doha Vaachan Pratiyogita was held in which the 1st prize was awarded to Unnati Pawar, 2nd was a tie between Bhavik Singh and Kshitij Sharan and the 3rd prize was awarded to Mitul Verma.

The Inter House Science Quiz was held on 22nd July for Classes 11 & 12 and the 1st prize was awarded to Green house.

On the 22nd of July, in the Ryan Cup Basketball Tournament. In the class IX and below category, VVS lost to G.D Goenka, 20:29.

The Science essay prize was held on the 23rd July in which 1st prize was awarded to Yaman Verma, second was a tie between Ashutosh Kumar and Udit Vira and 3rd prize was also a tie between Anna Ahmed and Manavi Bhardwaj.

On the 23rd of July the class VI Sanskrit Vaachan Pratiyogita was held in which the 1st prize was awarded to Nikhil Pandhe, 2nd to Prarthana Gupta and the 3rd prize was awarded to Aastha Garde.

On the 24th of July VVS beat Mt St Mary’s 61:43 and VVS beat Sawan Public School 45:26 in the Ryan Cup Tournament.

The Inter house Science Quizzes for classes IV and V were held on 27th and 29th of July respectively. In class V, Red House won with 57 points followed by Green House with 52 points. In class IV, Red House won with 34 points followed by Blue House with 20 points.

Buddy reading was held for classes 3,4 and 5 on the 22nd, they went to the Foundation, Nursery and class 1 to share their expertise.

Intersection English Debate took place last week. The winners of class IX are –
1st – Shaman Marya
2nd – Amba Kak
3rd – Raghuvir Dass & Amit Khandeparkar
Class VIII
1st – Jahan Nargolwala
2nd – Gautum Tevatia
3rd – Pranav Sarin
Class VII
1st – Ashrika Kohli
2nd – Sara Chaterjee
3rd – Bhavik Singh

Trying Hard

The Interhouse Indian Music Competition

With a comparatively less enthusiastic approach towards the practice of this event, the highly competitive response was sure heartening! The Inter house Indian music competition held on Friday was definitely a success arousing the house spirits as usual. As all the participants anxiously waited for their turn to perform, butterflies in their stomach, the audience cheered for their houses while colourful mascots spread the message. In a some what interesting result, the competition brought a lot of unexpected winners and not to mention unexpected losers, but for those who were there just to sing and keep the music alive... It was a wonderful experience. Which showed us that all you need is the spirit! So sure enough, it was yet another event for Vasant Valley students to prove their exotic talents.

Aditi Chengappa, 12 A

Victory at Last!

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The War Begins - Bush v/s Kerry

That’s what the race comes down to. Sure, lots of republicans are unsatisfied by what George Bush has done to the image of their country. But a lot of them will still vote Bush simply because he is Republican.

The war in Iraq has tainted the world’s already skeptical view of America. People at immigration desks grimace when they see American passports and Abu Gharib couldn’t have helped matters.

Also, George Bush’s corporate aspirations are no secret, and everyone knows how much the Bush family has invested in various companies.

He never attended the - once - in – ten years earth summit and he is looking forward to drill in Alaska. He hasn’t done anything for carbon emissions because it would displease the corporations.

The Patriot Act

They can arrest anyone without warrant if they suspect them of terrorism. They can search your home without a warrant. Every American knows these facts. In fact they are more aware of it now than ever. Bad evangelists defend him and conservative/republicans deny these facts. But the honest truth is that republicans hate democrats and liberals hate conservatives and vice versa.

The race always comes down to Republican Vs Democrats and this year it is Bush Vs Kerry.
May the most exorbitant and 'saucy' PR campaign win.

By Simrat Dugal Class XI

Man in the Mirror

The Reflection.
I look into a mirror and see something distant, something apart, something that isn’t quite me at all.
The Reflection.
I see a sinner, a saint, a fool and, an intellectual all staring back at me from that impenetrable abyss.
The Reflection.
Suddenly, it moves. Takes a turn that lacks my style and inner grace yet, bears a subtle hint of some hidden resemblance to me.
The Reflection.
It steps out of the mirror, the portal to its world, and beckons for me to follow it through.
I hesitate, yet seeing it take the initiative,
I follow it through. I feel a tingle down my spine and see myself staring at me.
The reflection.
Suddenly, I’m the reflection and it, me.
But then I realize there’s no real difference between us, apart from some abstract lost knowledge. We’re all either it, or me, or something else, or maybe even some strange combination.

By Kshitij Handa 11B

Summer Internship with Uncle Sam

After all the slogging and “burning of midnight oil for the board exams, my parents decided to give me a memorable summer holiday in USA. While everything was tied up before the exams got over, the type and place for the summer job remained undecided-it was only after we reached there that I got an offer to work in ARCBridge, a Software Consulting company in Herndon, Virginia.
I worked for six weeks in the marketing, Customer Support and Administration departments as a summer intern. Working with marketing department I, gained insights into how new customers are found and how marketing leads are generated. I worked with Sara Mitchell, client adviser and helped in the creating product brochures, new customer lists and product demonstration kits.
In the customer support department I worked with Dienson Ho, Systems Administrator and learnt how customer requests for services are handled and how the customer needs are tracked and met in a timely manner.
I worked with Renee Shook in day to day office administration functions, learning the document filing and document storing procedures, ordering of office supplies, and handling incoming and outgoing mail.
The company had a multi-cultural staff – Indian, Chinese, Koreans, Americans and Hispanics. The environment was extremely friendly, informal but work oriented. You could be 30 minutes early or late, dress formally or informally, it didn’t matter. What mattered was your work output. The interactions were on first name basis – even I had to call the CEO by his first name “Sam. Everyone was so helpful and polite, always willing to guide me and clarify my doubts. I found the people to be very honest, self-disciplined and straight forward. Being the youngest I was loaded with candies and other carry over treats from the near by food joints during the lunch hour.
I was always curious to know how corporations functioned in the United States. This was an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on knowledge and experience of the professional work environment in the USA.

Aneesha Mathur, 11 A

Robotics Workshop

The Robotics Workshop was held on the 16th and 17th of July by Aabhas Sharma and some other students of class 10 and 11. We were to make boats out of scrap material like acckicic sheets, wood, M-seal, and of course some motors and various other materials. We were to have races on Friday but because of the lack of time the race was postponed to Saturday. So, on Saturday a few boats were tested (the ones that were working). We also made trebuchets with lego pieces. The other group made a special walking stick for the blind. Basically we were taught electronics and because the response was so great we are planning to have another workshop soon after the monthly tests.

Pranai Agarwal IX-C Aabhas Sharma X-B

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Main Aisa Kyon Hoon?on Aman Sharma

I have a friend as sweet as honey,
We are as sticky as glue, two peas in a pod
As two pals should be
Our team is as tough as leather
And as right as rain.
Sometimes we do naughty things
That makes us cry in pain
Our friendship will sure last
Till the end of time.
Zoravar Bakshi, 5-C

on Ashna

I had a friend named Ashna,
She was as pretty as a flower,
But despite her good looks,
Her voice used to make me cower!
She was as quick as lightning,
Her movements swift as a swallow,
I still remember the old days,
In a pool where we used to wallow.

Abhilasha Sinha, 5-B

As good as gold
My best friend’s name starts with a G,
And she is as busy as a bee.
Whatever be the weather,
She is as tough as leather.
She comes to school daily,
As fresh as a daisy.
A friend in need, is a friend in deed,
That is Gurbani indeed.

Carolyn Augustine, 5-B

On Zoravar
Zoravar is as quick as lightning,
And shies away from fighting.
He’s as happy as a lark,
With a very large heart.
He’s as stubborn as a mule,
But a kind hearted fool.
He’s as bright as a button,
And stays away from mutton.

Angad Singh, 5-B

Best Friends
My best friend’s name is Carolyn,
Together we are like two peas in a pod.
But when we are not together,
We get very bored.
I’m as proud as a peacock,
To have an athletic friend.
But even though we are as thick as thieves,
We make other friends.

Gurbani Dugal, 5-B

My Brother
I have a brother. His name is Osho. He is 10 years old. He loves me but when I trouble him he gets angry and hits me.
Senna Singh, 1-C

My best friend is Himal Kalra,
he is in Sanskriti School. He plays with me. We go cycling and we swim also. He is a very kind and sweet boy. I want him to become my brother. I love him a lot.
Vikram, 1-C

Man in the Mirror

My body was aching.
My legs breaking.
Just as I was about to nap,
I thought I heard some clap.
Frightened to hear more,
I stealthily walked towards the door.
I heard it again.
Gosh! Was I going insane!
I turned around towards the mirror
To find myself filled with horror and terror.
A man illuminated with divine light
Stood in the mirror chanting hymns with all his might.
“Who are you?” I asked hesitatingly.
“Your eternal spirit”, he replied undoubtedly.
“I am your conscience and guide as you will see
For I come before you t predict things that ought to be.
“Where were you all these years?” I enquired.
“Until now my presence was not required.”
I bloated with anger and surprise
And still wonder why must he now arise.
For, when I took wrong steps and needed him most
The “Man in the Mirror” had no such time to boast.

By Manavi Bhardwaj, XI - B

Do we control our destinies or is much of our destiny dictated for us?

As famous American poet, journalist and free thinker Ella Wheeler Wilcox once said,

“There is no chance, no destiny, no fate that can circumvent or hinder the firm resolve of a determined mind.”

Some people might follow an old Indian belief that god is the controller of our destinies. He is our creator and all he decides shall be. But, the modern man would believe that everyone is the controller of his or her own destiny. An example of this being your life. People who make it a point to work and plan their days and utilize their time well will do better in every aspect of life than a person who is not responsible with his or her time and makes no effort.

My question is. How can anyone dictate your destiny for you? How can anyone but you be responsible for your future and the actions you take to ensure a better future for yourself?

You are the captain of your own ship. Where you steer it is where it will go. There are sometimes obstacles along the way but you must overcome them and move on.

In conclusion, I must say that those of you who believe that someone else and not you dictates your destiny, should stop and think. Break free from your comforting thoughts that someone else can be blamed for all your misfortunes. You must realize that nothing is impossible and miracles can be achieved by simple methods, such as using your own mind to make your own decisions.

Saira Dayal IX-B

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Five Point Someone Review
-Chetan Bhagat

Set amid the prestigious IIT camp. This smart, witty and incredibly funny book traces the lives of three young IITians in a simple, readable and enjoyable manner.
Written with ease, the book focuses on Hari- a slightly overweight IITians with a five-point- something grade (hence the title). Hari’s life revolves around Neha (his girlfriend and a strict professor’s daughter), Sasi’s (a great place to eat divine paranthas) and most importantly, his two best buddies-Alok the idiot and Ryan the stud.
Alok, Ryan, and Hari’s adventures include everything from illicit vodka, to suicide, to cheating, to romancing a prof’s daughter to achieving a grade higher than five- point- something, and finally to find oneself and chart a destiny of your own. It has all been described in an intriguing manner such that a reader would want to finish the book in one go…
Must note, NOT a literary sensation, but a train-ride read, easy and relaxed. Something that you’d read while having with a cool pitcher of ice tea.
PS: Just 80 bucks (what a bargain!)

Varini Sharma , 10-A


‘I told me’
Hem Singh's reflections
‘I swear on FFF- France Football Association!’
Ankit Bagga, remembering the alphabet.
‘Now they’ll make us torture’
Natasha Damodaran- PE blues.
‘Sit here and suffer in the hot heat.’
Shagun Sangha, curses with style.
‘He fell in love with the Switzerlandy chick.’
Nitya V. Singh- The swiss get new names.
‘Do you want lime blue or lime green’
Rhea Maini's lack of fore sight.

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2. What is the name of the cartoon strip made by Saranya Misra?
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4. Which programme was launched by Mr Kapur on 10th March, 2004?
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The Newsletter Archive

The Senior Football Team also started off this year's campaign with a 3-0 victory against Bhavan Sawan Public School.

The Mother’s Intenational School Football Tournament.

Our first match was against Gyan Bharti School. The match started in hot conditions with the half time score 3-0. Govind Singh Tandon, Karan Dewan and Soham Sinha scoring the goals. The second Half brought out the rain gods and three more goals from Sambhav Kapur, Ishan Kacker and Dhruv Mahajan. Gyan Bharti managed to claw back two consolation goals but in the end lost 6-2.

The second match of the tournament was against The Sri Ram School. We let in an early goal but were soon back on level terms with a goal by Ishan Kacker. The rest of the match was evenly contested and we lost due to a last minute penalty against us. The final score was 2-1 to Sri Ram.

John Doe 3½ / 5
(Starring Dominic Purcell)

How many dimples are there in a golf ball?
Not a question many can answer, but this man who woke up in the primordial waters of an obscure island off the coast of Seattle seems to have the answer to every question, except the most important one:

Who is he?
Afflicted by total retro-amnesia, John Doe (Purcell) doesn’t even have a clue as to who he is, what he does and how in the world does he know everything about everything.
But being the good boy that he is he uses his larger than life intelligence to aid the police in capturing criminals. The police of course underestimate him and John Doe being the good boy I told you he is, does not let lack of appreciation hinder him from finding out the truth.
The gripping plot makes up for run of the mill acting and the conventional “genius is a synonym for geeks” routine.

By Svati Goyal, XB