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7th March 2003 - Page 1


Science day was celebrated last Friday, children from all classes participated in various activities, and exhibited models. The science magazine was released.

Class 6 visited the
National Museum on the 25th of February to view the seals, artifacts ancient toys, and well preserved skeletons exhibited in the Harappan Gallery.

Class 8 visited the
Nehru planetarium on the 5th.
Political Science students of class 12 visited the parliament 
Some students of
class 6 participated in the show Jahane Khusroo directed by Muzzaffar Ali.

Dear Readers,
Contribute to the ‘Letter to the Editor’, the ‘Reviews’ or the new “Busted” column. Please hand in your views to any of the members of the editorial board. It will help in making our school newsletter more interactive and enjoyable!

After a thorough security check we made our way to the Parliament house of India. The spectator stand was infested with officials that ensured decorum and perfect discipline.
It was 11a.m. and the chairperson of the Lok Sabha walked in and thereafter ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!
The lok sabha's question hour was more like an hour of the new T.V series FIGHT SCHOOL. Amidst all the slogan shouting, constant bickering, and violent uprisings the chairperson was tired and frustrated. It was evident that the officials on duty upstairs were required more downstairs. The session ended in the same fashion that it had started in - complete disarray. 
I was shocked and startled. I couldn't believe these savages are the individuals that hold our country in their hands. I finally realized that all the t.v. telecast articles and propaganda were real. 
Umaid V. Gupta, XII - B

The ‘Chemistry worked

Great salads! Rookie inventions! Brainy experiments! That’s this year’s Science day for you! Like every Science Day we’ve had, this one was also a huge success, inspite of the rain. Class 6 took part in the salad making competition, while class 7 focused on the fascinating world of plants! Class 8 and 9 performed experiments on Bio Tech.The “Smart House” an automatic house hooked to a computer, won the competition. Other highlights were the hovercraft, digestive system and experiments for making soaps. Yellow House won the Interhouse Science Day Quiz. Everyone had a great time - it was a fun way to understand the world of science.
Alisha Damodaran, XII B


Raags, Indie Pop, Qawalis, Filmi No.’s, you name it and it was happening on the 21st of February, 7 pm at the Indian Music Showcase.
After days of practise, hardwork, staying back in school, the result was an exquisite showcase of spectacular talent of students of the school.
Aashna Kishore of class 10 got the crowd up on their feet with the all time favourite Jawani Jaane Mann.
The other highlights of the evening were also Suchir Suri and Pranshu Sharma singing Chura Liya and class 12’s singing Hum Dum.
Aditya K. Roy and Sheenum M. Kumar deserve a special mention for their tireless performance in every song.
The showcase also kicked off the Annual Art Exhibition which was a success in itself.

Sheenum M Kumar and Anjali Mal

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