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7th March 2003 - Page 2

A Trip to Vimhans

On Thursday, the 20th of February, all the Biology and Psychology students of class12, were taken to visit, Vimhans. We saw the CT scan, or the CAT scan. Also known as Computerized Tomography, it can be used for detecting bone problems, tumors and diagnosing problems in the abdomen. We also saw the gamma knife, which is one of the latest technologies used today. It is used specifically for removing tumors in the brain and MRI-magnetic radiation imagery through which magnetic radiation is emitted and the image is seen .Vimhans has a day care center, a library and an art section.
This was quite an experience for all of us as we have always heard and read a lot about all this and now finally have had an opportunity to see it and all of us learnt a lot from it.


He ran all the way,
Whilst being bombarded with stones,
He ran all the way,
Towards the love and warmth of his home.
The home that kept him secure,
The home, which gave him love.
The home he came to, when he needed a hug.

He was a victim of war,
Things that he shouldn't have, he most definitely saw,
For a boy his age, these images would leave a mark,
An innocent mind corrupted,
By getting used to living in the dark,

The only escape from this hell like nightmare,
Seemed to be the sound of birds,
Chirping and flying a flight of freedom.
Then he saw it, at the end of the long winding road,
The ultimate, his everything,
His dearly beloved home.

As he drew nearer, with increasing speed,
He heard his name being called out loud.
Suddenly, a sea of fire swept by.
Raging across the skies, making his heart bleed.

He stood there in amazement,
He thought it was a dream,
For there was his home standing ablaze,
His world blown away,
Leaving a misty haze.

By Avanti Birla, 10 B

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