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7th March 2003 - Page 3

And The Ocean Speaks 
to Me...


Silent and lonely
As I sit on the beach
The ocean speaks to me….
I see the reflection of my thoughts

And It is no stranger to me
"Hey! I know you," It says
You have been lonely for so long
Hurt by many and then left alone
Your love, caring, and sharing not reciprocated
The depth of sadness I can still see In your eyes
So many dreams and emotions locked inside.

Surprised at what I have heard
I cuddle closer to myself
Unable to decide whether to stay
Or make way...
But I stay, as I see
Myself being revealed in front of me
And then the ocean speaks to me...

"I can hear it" says the storm in you,
The loss of faith In the world untrue
This world full of smiling, friendly faces
And people disguised with no real traces.

I put my head on my knee
And wonder how very true I was
To be unable to trust and distrust.

Then as if reading my thoughts
A wave looms and touches me
And I look at the dark roaring mysterious ocean
Silent… Yet speaking to me.

Ms. Kanchan Verma (Hindi teacher)

Read our lips - no war please, Mr. Bush. 
The long suffering people of Iraq, need not be mowed down by your latest deadly weapon which hitherto have been lying unused. Seems like your mind is bent on causing havoc and destruction on simple people of a far away land. This is the same land where the first cities of the world were built near Iraq's rivers. Euphrates and Tigris. Somarians and Babylonians gave great ancient civilizations to the world.
But in the present time, the common Iraqi has suffered much. They have an unpopular leader thrust upon them and now they live under a constant threat of invasion. This is an enemy which the average Iraqi has never antagonized or annoyed. So, you have no right to bomb their dwellings or make them homeless and godless. You…for that matter, no one has the right to kill or maim their children and families. God has not given you the power to create life, nor has he given you any right to destroy his creations.
Yours is a rich and powerful nation. But people out there in Iraq also have a life. They have families, they live together, enjoy, laugh and play just like other people elsewhere. Let them get on with their life while you can go ahead with governing USA. Please don't bother yourself at being an international policeman and you don't need to buy the oil in Iraq by sending food and money. Also, listen to the world opinion, because popular opinion is what makes you president of the USA.
Sahiba Sidhu, 9 'C'

A CARTOON STRIP                                                                                                               by Saranya Misra, IX B

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