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10th April 2003 - Page 6


Our Junior Soccer Teams decorated the stage during assembly on Monday morning when the trophies and medals for the Milo Cup and the Timex Kickoff 2010 were given.

sub- junior Interhouse Hockey Turnament starts from Monday 7th of April. The girls’ matches will be held during lunch and the boys’ matches after school from 3:15 to 4:00. The fixtures are up on the soft board in the gym.

girls’ and boys’ Basketball teams are leaving for Woodstock on the 9th. We wish them luck. They will be back on the 13th holding first place (hopefully).

While the Basketball teams are in Woodastock, the
senior Boys’ cricket team will be going to YPS, Patiala, for a tournament starting on the 11th.

senior boys’ Nivea tournament will be starting next Monday.


"The sunny is out!"
-Adhirath Singh exclaims after a frigid stretch of river rafting.

"Close your eyes, look up and jump!"
-Arnav Sharma encouraging a nervous cliff-jumper.

"But, that's so unsensicle….sorry, nonsensicle!" 
-Mallika Sadh proving her sensibility.

“Either we go by car, or we don’t go by auto.”
-Sharan Alva ‘ruling out’ the possibilities of travelling by auto.

“Do you want a blue pen of any colour?”
-Abhishek Sarkar ‘pen’fully enquires.

“ This Deo is for ‘ever’ not for men”
-Says an enlightened Varun Kapoor about a deo called Forever.

“ If Ady becomes fat he’d be called Puffed-ady” 
-Nikhil Sinha at his observational best.


There are always special moments we can rememver our camping trips by. One such example is portrayed here.
-Saranya Misra

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