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12th April 2001 - Page 1


The Inter-House Hockey tournament began on the 5th of April. In the Senior Boys category, Red House beat Yellow House by a reasonable margin of five goals to one. Dhruv Mahajan top-scored with 4 goals. In the other matches, Green House beat Blue House 3-0, Red beat Blue 3-1 and Green beat Yellow 4-2.

In the Senior Girls category, Blue House emerged victorious in the match against Green House, beating them 3-2. In other matches Read House beat Yellow House 2-1 and Yellow House beat Green 1-0.

In the Junior Boys tournament, Red House were victorious against Blue House beating them 4-1, while Yellow House went on to beat Green House 2-0. Yellow House then proceeded to beat Blue in a close match, decided by the penalty shoot-outs. Then Red House continued their winning streak to beat Blue House convincingly 5-0.

In the Junior Girls Category, Green House beat Red House 2-0, Yellow beat Blue 3-1, Red beat Blue 1-0 and Green House beat Yellow house 2-0 after a round of penalty shoot-outs.


As the sun rises,
It brings along,
A new day,
Fresh and bright.
The birds chirp, the trees sway,
In the morning breeze.
The milkman rides along,
On his rusted cycle,
That he has been riding on for decades now.
On that rickety path,
Whistling that same tune.
It rings in my mind,
Every morning.
I want to whistle along and I try,
But nothing but air whooshes out.
I try hard but the naked gums,
Don't have the strength.

The sun is now overhead,
The children are back from school.
They thrust their bags down,
Thud they go…
“Come play with us…..Grandpa,
Come play with us.”
I rise from my chair,
But tremble and waver,
And fall back.
Oh! These legs now don't have the strength.
Taste this!' screams the children's mother.
“It's nice and hot.”
I pick up a piece to eat,
And oops it drops.
Oh! These hands now they don't have the strength.
I'm nothing but a pile of bones, 
That sits all day long.

A good for nothing…. Can't even whistle a song,
Can't even play with my grandchildren.
Nor can I eat.
What am I living for?
I need some peace.
I close my eyes……
And can see…..
A new world beckons to me.
It calls out for me.
It is my destination,
I belong there.
Where people are finally free.

Deivyani Dheer XII - C

Week’ s Quote:

"Putting off an easy thing makes it hard. Putting off a hard
thing makes it impossible."
--George C. Lorimer

Opinion Poll:

This opinion poll covered 100 Vasant Valley students and teachers.
Should India play in Sharjah?
Yes 69
No 22
Can’t Say 9

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